Economics #7: Rent vs Buy

Lately and frequently, the topic of homeownership has been popping up in my life. I don’t know if this is a result of my age or current economic trends, but I figured I might as well organize my thoughts on the subject.

Generally, the renting vs buying debate goes something like this: renting is essentially throwing money down the drain, while buying builds equity and sets you on the path to financial freedom. Throw in some narratives about the American dream and some wishful thinking about home price appreciation, and owning is just always better.

This post will explore this argument through the economics of renting vs buying. Of course, there are non-economic factors that come into play. For example, buying a house might just make you happier or vice versa. Buying can provide the stability of knowing you can’t be kicked out by a landlord or have your rents raised dramatically. Buying allows you to customize your house the way you want it. Renting can provide the freedom and flexibility to change your life up at a moments notice. Renting can be less stressful, no headaches from repairing a roof or a water heater. These factors might even be more important than the by-the-numbers analysis. To each their own.

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